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Question 1: ________ also lay their eggs on ocean beaches.
Hawksbill turtleGreen turtleSea turtleKemp's Ridley

Question 2: Some beaches are artificial; they are either permanent or temporary (For examples see Monaco, Paris, ________, Rotterdam, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore).

Question 3: The endangered ________ and some tern species rely on beaches for nesting.
RaccoonBirdPiping PloverUnited States

Question 4: ________ involves pumping sand onto beaches to improve their health.
Beach nourishmentBreakwater (structure)Coastal managementCurrent sea level rise

Question 5: ________ has debated the merits of artificial reefs with members torn between their desire to support natural coastal environments and opportunities to enhance the quality of surfing waves.
Dean CainSurfrider FoundationMalibu, CaliforniaSan Clemente, California

Question 6: Similar debates surround ________ and Snow cannon in sensitive environments.
Beach nourishmentBreakwater (structure)Current sea level riseCoastal management

Question 7: Due to intense use by the expanding human population, beaches are often dumping grounds for ________ and litter, necessitating the use of beach cleaners and other cleanup projects.
Zero wasteBiofuelRecyclingWaste

Question 8: The particles of which the beach is composed can sometimes instead have biological origins, such as shell fragments or ________ fragments.
Coral reefScleractiniaCoralline algaeRugosa

Question 9: In the ________, many popular beach resorts were equipped with bathing machines because even the all-covering beachwear of the period was considered immodest.
United KingdomGeorgian eraEnglandVictorian era

Question 10: They are found in less developed areas such as Puerto Rico, Thailand or ________.

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