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Question 1: The BeOS theme of yellow, changing length tabs on the top of windows, and relatively plain ________ interface widgets was enforced.
BrownSilver (color)GreyPurple

Question 2:
What family does BeOS belong to?
Angie Barnett
Raizo Tsurgui , Unnamed Mother
Wally Cleaver

Question 3: BeOS was an ________ for personal computers which began development by Be Inc. in 1991.
LinuxMac OS XOperating systemUnix

Question 4: Apple's board of directors decided NeXTSTEP was a better choice and purchased ________ in 1996 for $429 million, bringing back Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.
NeXTMacintoshMac OS XApple Inc.

Question 5: ________ – an open source continuation of BeOS
LinuxOpenSolarisReactOSHaiku (operating system)

Question 6: ________ – the 12” vinyl timecode record-driven DJ software/hardware system was first developed on BeOS.
Final ScratchLaptopIEEE 1394 interfaceVinyl emulation software

Question 7: These systems could dual boot either the ________ or BeOS, with a start-up screen offering the choice.
MacintoshMac OS XMac OSFinder (software)

Question 8: BeOS PE could be started from within Microsoft Windows or ________, and was intended to nurture consumer interest in its product and give developers something to tinker with.
SCO-Linux controversiesGNUOpenSolarisLinux

Question 9: BeOS was positioned as a multimedia platform which could be used by a substantial population of desktop users and a competitor to ________ and Microsoft Windows.
MacintoshMac OS XFinder (software)Mac OS

Question 10: In 1997, Power Computing began bundling BeOS (on a CD for optional installation) with its line of PowerPC-based ________.
OSx86Macintosh cloneApple II seriesApple Inc.

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