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Question 1: Bayesian inference has applications in ________ and expert systems.
Karl PopperArtificial intelligenceDaniel DennettRené Descartes

Question 2: In May 1968 the US nuclear submarine Scorpion (SSN-589) failed to arrive as expected at its home port of ________.
Newport News, VirginiaNorfolk, VirginiaVirginia BeachHampton Roads

Question 3: For example, a medical test for a ________ may return a positive result indicating that patient has a disease even if the patient does not have the disease.

Question 4: In some applications ________ is an alternative to Bayesian inference.
Fuzzy logicParaconsistent logicFirst-order logicMathematical logic

Question 5: In the United Kingdom, Bayes' theorem was explained to the jury in the odds form by a statistician ________ in the rape case of Regina versus Denis John Adams.
Employment consultantEvidence (law)Expert witnessCivil procedure

Question 6: This approach, developed by ________ during World War II and later promoted by I. J. Good and E. T. Jaynes among others, amounts to the use of information entropy.
Hilary PutnamAlfred North WhiteheadBertrand RussellAlan Turing

Question 7: Thus the juror could coherently revise his opinion to take into account the ________ as follows:
DNA profilingReal evidenceCompetence (law)Expert witness

Question 8: Spam classification is treated in more detail in the article on the ________.
Naive Bayes classifierBayesian networkBayes' theoremBayesian inference

Question 9: A ________ is a prior distribution, such as the beta distribution in the above example, which has the property that the posterior is the same type of distribution.
Scaled-inverse-chi-square distributionExponential distributionConjugate priorExponential family

Question 10: Applications which make use of Bayesian inference for spam filtering include DSPAM, Bogofilter, SpamAssassin, SpamBayes, and ________.
MozillaMozilla FirefoxMozilla Application SuiteCamino


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