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Bay of Fundy: Quiz


Question 1: The bay is home to several islands, the largest of which is ________ at the boundary with the Gulf of Maine.
Campbellton, New BrunswickMcAdam, New BrunswickGrand Manan Island (New Brunswick)Hillsborough, New Brunswick

Question 2: During the 12.4 hour tidal period, 115 billion ________ of water flow in and out of the bay.
United States customary unitsMetric systemTonneKilogram

Question 3: One effect could be an increase in tidal range of 0.2 m (from approximately 1 m) for certain coastal sites in ________, possibly leading to flooding.
MassachusettsMaineConnecticutNew Hampshire

Question 4: Folklore in the Mi'kmaq ________ claims that the tides in the Bay of Fundy are caused by a giant whale splashing in the water.
CanadaInuitMétis people (Canada)First Nations

Question 5: Though up-river on the Petitcodiac, the city of ________ is also frequently associated with the Bay of Fundy.
New BrunswickSaint John, New BrunswickMonctonToronto

Question 6: Saint John, New Brunswick, to ________.
Annapolis Royal, Nova ScotiaDigby, Nova ScotiaYarmouth, Nova ScotiaBerwick, Nova Scotia

Question 7: The bay is also traversed by several passenger and automobile ________ services:
Cable ferryFerryZero-fare public transportHovercraft

Question 8: The Bay of Fundy lies in a rift valley called the Fundy Basin; as the rift began to separate from mainland North America, volcanic activity occurred, forming ________ and flood basalts.

Question 9: Sections of the flood basalts have been eroded away, but still form a ________ mountain range known as North Mountain.
BasaltIgneous rockLavaGranite

Question 10: The Bay of Fundy is known for its high tidal range and the bay is contested as having the highest vertical tidal range in the world by Ungava Bay in northern ________ and the Severn Estuary in the UK.
QuebecNew FranceCanadaOntario


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