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Bay of Biscay: Quiz


Question 1: Volunteers and employees from the Biscay Dolphin Research Programme regularly observe and monitor cetacean activity from the ________ of the ships on the P&O Portsmouth to Bilbao route.
Arch bridgeCable-stayed bridgeTruss bridgeBridge

Question 2: France: Brest, Nantes, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, ________.

Question 3: Many species of whales and dolphins can be seen in this area but it is one of the few places where the ________ such as the Cuvier's beaked whale have been observed relatively frequently.
Toothed whaleBeaked whaleCetaceaPhyseteroidea

Question 4: Spain: San Sebasti√°n, ________, Santander, Gijon.
Durango, BiscayGetxoBarakaldoBilbao

Question 5: The British yachtswoman ________ finished her first trip around the world here, and there is a famous song based on this.
Around the world sailing recordCircumnavigationSingle-handed sailingEllen MacArthur

Question 6: The southern end of the gulf is also called in Spanish "Mar Cant√°brico" (Cantabrian Sea), for the region of ________, but this name is not generally used in English.
CantabriaCeutaLa Rioja (Spain)Asturias

Question 7: The Bay of Biscay is home to some of the ________'s fiercest weather.
Indian OceanPacific OceanAtlantic OceanArctic Ocean

Question 8: The car ferries from Portsmouth to ________ and from Plymouth, Portsmouth and Poole to Santander provide one of the most convenient ways to see cetaceans in European waters, and there are often specialist trips on board.
GetxoDurango, BiscayBilbaoBarakaldo

Question 9: The three-day round trip also gives sightings of good numbers of several species of ________, particularly gannets.

Question 10: It lies along the western coast of France from Brest south to the Spanish border, and the northern coast of Spain west to Punta de Estaca de Bares, and is named for the Spanish province of ________.
BilbaoGreater BilbaoBiscayDurango, Biscay


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