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Question 1:
How long is Bay of Bengal?
2,090 km; c.1,300 mi
2.55 mi; 4.1 km
53 mi; 85.3 km
27.1 mi; 43.6 km

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  Due to continental drift, the India Plate split from Madagascar and collided with the Eurasian Plate resulting in the formation of the Himalayas and The Bay of Bengal.
  Ross Island, in the Andamans, was one of the main naval bases of British India during World War II
  Ross Island, in the Andamans, was one of the main naval bases of British India during World War II
  Cox's Bazar, the longest stretch of beach in the world.[6]

Question 3:
What country is Bay of Bengal in?
United Kingdom
India, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

Question 4: It was constructed in 1842 by the Ice King ________ to store and market ice year round.
Boston BrahminFrederic TudorCambridge, MassachusettsConcord, Massachusetts

Question 5: Great Andaman is the main archipelago or island group of the ________, whereas Ritchie's Archipelago consists of smaller islands.
Andaman IslandsAndamaneseAndaman and Nicobar IslandsIndia

Question 6: ________ or marine archaeology is the study of material remains of ancient peoples.
ItalyMaritime archaeologyMediterranean SeaNaval warfare

Question 7:
Where is Bay of Bengal?

Question 8: This Brahman sanctuary was built of black granite mid 1200 AD and has been declared a ________.
United Nations Human Rights CouncilUniversal Postal UnionWorld Heritage SiteFood and Agriculture Organization

Question 9: Schools of ________ can be seen, whether they are the bottle nose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), Pantropical spotted dolphin (Stenella attenuata) or the spinner dolphin (stenella longirostris) .
CetaceaBottlenose dolphinToothed whaleDolphin

Question 10:
Which of the following titles did Bay of Bengal have?
Geographic Countries surrounding the Bay of Bengal
O Sacred Head Surrounded
Evermore "Light Surrounding You"
Darkness Surrounding


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