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Question 1:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Bavaria?
Harry Midgley
Horst Seehofer
Roy Jenkins
Andrew Jackson

Question 2: In the 17th century, the Duke of Bavaria became a Prince-elector of the ________.
German EmpireByzantine EmpireHoly Roman EmpireFrancia

Question 3: Film directors ________, Joseph Vilsmaier and Werner Herzog.
Ali: Fear Eats the SoulChinese RouletteRainer Werner FassbinderLove Is Colder Than Death (film)

Question 4: Bavaria was the only state to reject the ________ in 1949, but this did not prevent its implementation.
Constitution of BelgiumConstitution of AustriaBasic Law for the Federal Republic of GermanyConstitution of the Netherlands

Question 5: Bavaria is a predominantly ________ state with a distinct culture.
Ecumenical councilCatholicCatholicismBishop

Question 6:
What is the metropolitican population of Bavaria?

Question 7: Neuschwanstein was built for ________, as a second home.
Ludwig II of BavariaLuitpold, Prince Regent of BavariaMaximilian II of BavariaOtto of Bavaria

Question 8:
What is the capital of Bavaria?
Tallahassee, Florida

Question 9: Bavaria is also home to the ________, which is situated along the Main River in Franconia.
Franconia (wine region)Rheinhessen (wine region)Mosel (wine region)German wine

Question 10: Three German dialects are spoken in Bavaria: Austro-Bavarian in Old Bavaria (South-East and East), Swabian German (an ________ dialect) in the Bavarian part of Swabia (South West) and East Franconian German in Franconia (North).
Dutch languageAlemannic GermanGerman languageSwiss German

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