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Battle on the Marchfeld: Quiz


Question 1: The opponents were the Bohemian (Czech) army led by king Ottokar II of Bohemia and the Imperial army led by Rudolph I of Habsburg in alliance with King ________.
Ladislaus IV of HungaryAndrew III of HungaryStephen V of HungaryÁrpád dynasty

Question 2: The Hungarian army included heavy cavalry as well as ________ horse archers.
KhazarsCumansTurkic peoplesKipchaks

Question 3: In 1276 Rudolph, in such a way strengthened, besieged Ottokar at ________.

Question 4: King Ladislaus IV exerted himself in the ________ of the Cuman warriors, he finally was assassinated in 1290.
Germanic ChristianityByzantine EmpireCrusadesChristianization

Question 5: In 1268 Ottokar signed a contract of inheritance with the last Carinthian duke from the House of Sponheim, Ulric III and also acquired Carinthia including the ________ and the Windic March one year later.
March of CarniolaTimeline of Slovenian historyDuchy of CarniolaSlovenia

Question 6: The tragedy König Ottokars Glück und Ende written by ________ in 1823 is based on the rise and fall of king Ottokar II.
Franz GrillparzerJohann Wolfgang von GoetheAustriaFriedrich Schiller

Question 7: Rudolph assured his possessions of the Duchies of Austria and Styria, the heartland and fundament of the rise of the ________.
House of HabsburgHouse of BourbonHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of Bonaparte

Question 8: He also achieved an alliance with King ________, who intended to settle the old scores with Ottokar.
Andrew III of HungaryStephen V of HungaryÁrpád dynastyLadislaus IV of Hungary

Question 9: The Battle on the Marchfeld (i.e. Morava Field) at Dürnkrut and Jedenspeigen took place on August 26, 1278 and was a decisive event for the history of ________ for the following centuries.
Schengen AreaCentral EuropeEuropean Economic AreaEuropean integration


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