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Battle of the Scheldt: Quiz


Question 1: After the first ship arrived on November 28, convoys started bringing a steady stream of supplies to the continent, which began to reenergize the stalled ________.
Allied advance from Paris to the RhineOperation Market GardenWestern Front (World War II)Operation Overlord

Question 2: As the fourth phase of the Battle of the Scheldt opened, only the island of Walcheren at the mouth of the West ________ remained in German hands.
DijleLilleAntwerp (province)Scheldt

Question 3: On September 12, 1944, the ________ under temporary command of Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds was given the task of clearing the Scheldt.
2nd Canadian Infantry DivisionI Canadian CorpsFirst Canadian ArmyII Canadian Corps

Question 4: Under command at that time was II Canadian Corps, with the Polish 1st Armoured Division, British 49th and 52nd Divisions attached, as well as ________.
1st Infantry Division (United Kingdom)4th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)I Corps (United Kingdom)51st (Highland) Infantry Division

Question 5: The third major operation of the Battle of the Scheldt opened on October 24 when the ________ began its advance down the South Beveland peninsula.
The Calgary HighlandersFalaise pocketII Canadian Corps2nd Canadian Infantry Division

Question 6: The "Maisies" withdrew onto the Causeway on 2 November, to be relieved by a battalion of the Glasgow Highlanders of the ________.
15th (Scottish) Infantry Division52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division1st Infantry Division (United Kingdom)

Question 7: With the approaches to ________ clear, the fourth phase of the Battle of the Scheldt was complete.

Question 8: As part of the ________, Walcheren Island was considered to be the "strongest concentration of defences the Nazis had ever constructed."[4]
Normandy LandingsHobart's FunniesOperation OverlordAtlantic Wall

Question 9: In early October, after Market Garden had failed with heavy losses, Allied forces led by the ________ set out to bring the Antwerp ports under control.
First Canadian ArmyI Canadian CorpsGuy SimondsII Canadian Corps

Question 10: After a heavy naval bombardment by the British ________, troops of 4th Special Service Brigade (Nos.
HMS Ocean (L12)HMS Illustrious (R06)HMS Ark Royal (R07)Royal Navy

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