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Battle of the Frontiers: Quiz


Question 1: The battles represented a collision between the military strategies of the French Plan XVII and the German ________.
Schlieffen PlanWorld War IWestern Front (World War I)France

Question 2: The opening of the Russian offensive in ________ and the unforeseen attack in Lorraine had drained the German right wing that was descending on Paris.
Brandenburg-PrussiaRoyal PrussiaWest PrussiaEast Prussia

Question 3: Von Kluck's decision to take his First Army east of the French capital exposed his right flank which the Allies exploited in the ________ in early September, halting the German advance.
Battle of the FrontiersBattle of the SommeFirst Battle of the MarneWestern Front (World War I)

Question 4: In the north the Third, Fourth and Fifth Armies would attack through the southern Ardennes towards ________.

Question 5: The defeat of the French offensive in the Battle of the Ardennes led to a general retreat to the Marne River where the French and British forces regrouped for the defense of ________.
VersaillesMarseilleÉvry, EssonneParis

Question 6: It began in the south when the French VII Corps, along with 2 infantry and 1 cavalry division, advanced into southern ________ with the objective of seizing the towns of Mulhouse and Colmar.

Question 7: On 22 August, BEF patrols encountered the cavalry screen of the German First Army of General Alexander von Kluck near Soignies south-west of ________.

Question 8: The German divisions would then rapidly turn about to face France's ally, ________, on the Eastern Front.
Russian cultureMoscowRussiaUnited States

Question 9: By the end of August, the French Army had suffered 75,000 dead of which 27,000 were killed on 22 August alone, making it a day to rival the ________ for bloodshed.
Regina TrenchFirst day on the Somme1st Infantry Brigade (South Africa)High Wood

Question 10: The Battle of the Frontiers was a series of battles fought along the eastern frontier of France and in southern ________ shortly after the outbreak of World War I.
BelgiumSpainDenmarkUnited Kingdom


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