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Battle of the Bogside: Quiz


Question 1: Battle of the Bogside at the ________
CDNOWAmazon.comInternet Movie DatabaseBox Office Mojo

Question 2: On the afternoon of the 14th, the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, James Chichester-Clark, took the unprecedented step of requesting the British Prime Minister ________ for troops to be sent to Derry.
Harold WilsonWinston ChurchillMargaret ThatcherHarold Macmillan

Question 3: [11] After this point, barricades were set up in the Bogside and ________ patrols organised to keep the RUC out.
Extrajudicial killingExtrajudicial punishmentDeath squadVigilante

Question 4: It was at this point that famous mural with the slogan "You are now entering ________" was painted on the corner of Columbs Street by a local activist named John Casey.
Northern IrelandProvisional Irish Republican ArmyBloody Sunday (1972)Free Derry

Question 5: Large crowds turned out and pelted the police and the mob with stones and ________, and set up barricades to block their progress.
Suomi KP/-31Mosin–NagantMolotov cocktailWorld War II

Question 6: The rioting erupted after the RUC attempted to disperse nationalists who were protesting against a loyalist Apprentice Boys parade along the ________, past the nationalist Bogside area.
Defensive wallFortificationCity gateCastle

Question 7: By the summer of 1968, this group had linked up with the ________ and were agitating for a broader programme of reform within Northern Ireland.
DerryBloody Sunday (1972)Northern Ireland Civil Rights AssociationProvisional Irish Republican Army

Question 8: ________
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Ulster Defence Regiment
Royal Irish Regiment
Police Service of Northern Ireland
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Ulster Special Constabulary
Garda Síochána
Irish Army
British ArmyBritish Armed ForcesRoyal Military PoliceTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)

Question 9: In January 1969, a march by the radical group People's Democracy from ________ to Derry was attacked by loyalists at Burntollet, five miles outside Derry.
Northern IrelandEdinburghBelfastCardiff

Question 10: After further rioting on 12 July ("The Twelfth"), arising out of the Orange Order parades on that day, ________ in Derry set up the Derry Citizens Defence Association, with the intention of preparing for future disturbances.
Irish republicanismOfficial Irish Republican ArmyProvisional Irish Republican ArmyThe Troubles


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