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Question 1: Because of this, after the battle many journalists suggested that the plan was in fact prepared either by the Frenchman ________ or by the Polish Chief of Staff Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski.
Vichy FranceMaxime WeygandPhilippe PétainFerdinand Foch

Question 2: Sikorski's units were given the support of almost all of the small number of mechanized units - tanks and armoured cars - that the Polish Army had, as well as the support of the two Polish ________.
Soviet UnionWorld War IIRailroad carArmoured train

Question 3: Bolshevik speeches asserted that the revolution was to be carried to western Europe on the bayonets of Soviet soldats and that the shortest route to ________ and Paris lay through Warsaw.

Question 4: ________, White Eagle, Red Star: the Polish-Soviet War, 1919–20, Pimlico, 2003, ISBN 0-7126-0694-7.
A. J. P. TaylorNorman DaviesEurope: A HistoryWarsaw Uprising

Question 5: ________ planned to encircle and surround Warsaw by crossing the Vistula River, near Włocławek, to the north and south of the city and launch an attack from the northwest.
Mikhail TukhachevskyGeorgy ZhukovJoseph StalinKonstantin Rokossovsky

Question 6: The Soviet defeat was therefore considered a setback for some Soviet officials (particularly ________).
Vladimir LeninJoseph StalinNikita KhrushchevAlexander Kerensky

Question 7: Lieutenant ________, credited with the original breakthrough, received the order of Virtuti Militari in 1921.
CadixBiuro SzyfrówMarian RejewskiJan Kowalewski

Question 8: In order to break it, the Polish Army fought the ________ (September 15–September 21), once again defeating the Bolshevik armies.
Battle of the Niemen RiverBattle of Warsaw (1920)Kiev Offensive (1920)Polish–Soviet War

Question 9: [19] The Russian ________ lost contact with most of his forces, and all Soviet plans were thrown into disorder.
GermanyCommander-in-chiefFranceNicolas Sarkozy

Question 10: The battle was fought from August 12–25, 1920 as Red Army forces commanded by ________ approached the Polish capital of Warsaw and nearby Modlin Fortress.
Georgy ZhukovJoseph StalinKonstantin RokossovskyMikhail Tukhachevsky

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