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Battle of Taku Forts (1859): Quiz


Question 1: The Admiral was informed that these had been placed on the river to keep out ________ and it was promised by the Chinese government that they would be removed.
Hayreddin BarbarossaPiracyKurtoğlu Muslihiddin ReisBarbary corsairs

Question 2: An American ________ arrived on scene and assisted the French and Britons in their attempted suppression of the Taku Forts.

Question 3: Thirty-four miles above the river is ________, constructed at the fork of the Pei-ho with the Grand Canal.

Question 4: Commodore Tattnall, a veteran of the ________, put aside his mistrust of the British and justified his presence by stating "blood is thicker than water", a now famous saying.
War of 1812Battle of Lake ErieWar of 1812 CampaignsChronology of the War of 1812

Question 5: The Cormorant which was now the ________, replaced the ran aground Lee.
Public Broadcasting ServiceFlagship stationCBSFlagship

Question 6: Later on he even insisted on being lifted into it's ________ in order to visit and encourage the crews of the Haughty and the Lee.
Train ferryDredgingBargeCruise ship

Question 7: Hope suffered from fainting at some point so his doctors persuaded him to send himself to one of the three ________ on the other side of the bar.
New EnglandMississippi RiverPaddle steamerSteamboat

Question 8: Tientsin is the port of ________ and a place of much commerce.

Question 9: The resulting explosion revealed the Briton's presence to a Chinese ________ who proceeded with firing a few cannon shots from the South Fort but the cannon balls missed.
Division (military)CorpsBattalionArtillery battery

Question 10: The Royal Navy gunboats were small wooden steamers of light draft built during the ________ for service in the shallow waters of the Baltic and Black Seas.
Crimean WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Russian Civil WarGreat Northern War


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