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Battle of Stamford Bridge: Quiz


Question 1: The death of King ________ of England in January 1066 had triggered a succession struggle in which a variety of contenders from across north-western Europe fought for the English throne.
Cnut the GreatEdward the ConfessorHarold GodwinsonAlfred the Great

Question 2:
Where did Battle of Stamford Bridge take place?

Question 3:
What was Battle of Stamford Bridge a part of?
the Viking invasions of England
the First English Civil War
the American Civil War
the Sri Lankan Civil War

Question 4:
When was the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

Question 5:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

Question 6:
How many casualties were there in the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
Over 2,000 casualties
- 2,000 Safavid
Unknown, ~2,000
2,000+ – 2,500+ captured

Question 7:
Who was a commander in the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
Anders Bille
LtGen Harry M. Wyatt III
Sir James Outram
Harald Hardrada

Question 8: In his saga Heimskringla about ________, which was written around 1225, Snorri Sturluson described the disposition of the Norwegian troops.
Magnus I of NorwayHarald III of NorwayCnut the GreatSweyn Forkbeard

Question 9: [11] They withdrew to ________, where they spent the winter, and in the spring Olaf returned to Norway.

Question 10: Arriving off the English coast in September he was joined by further forces recruited in Flanders and ________ by Tostig Godwinson.
EnglandScotlandWalesUnited Kingdom


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