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Question 1: The Soviet command moved the Red Army's strategic reserves from the ________ area to the lower Volga, and transferred aircraft from the entire country to the Stalingrad region.

Question 2: The 6th Army was reconstituted in time for the ________, but was made up mostly of conscripts, and was never the force it had once been.
Battle of KurskBattle of StalingradBattle of ProkhorovkaEastern Front (World War II)

Question 3:
Who was a commander in the Battle of Stalingrad?
Nicolas Joseph Daine
Italo Gariboldi
Sir John Campbell
Sir James Outram

Question 4: The Germans inside the pocket retreated from the ________ of Stalingrad to the city itself.
New York CityLos AngelesSuburbLondon

Question 5:
What was Battle of Stalingrad a part of?
the Chadian-Libyan conflict
Capitol Park Historic District
the Eastern Front of World War II
the Sri Lankan Civil War

Question 6: First, it was a major industrial city on the Volga River – a vital transport route between the ________ and northern Russia.
Issyk KulAral SeaCaspian SeaArctic Ocean

Question 7:
Where did Battle of Stalingrad take place?

Question 8:
How many casualties were there in the Battle of Stalingrad?
700 wounded
37 killed
40,000+ civilian dead
36 missing

Question 9:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Battle of Stalingrad?
Belgian rebels
United Kingdom
* Francen* State of Vietnam nHmong mercenaries

Question 10: Lieutenant General Alexander Rodimtsev was in charge of the 13th Guards Rifle Division, and received one of two ________ awarded during the battle for his actions.
Hero of the Russian FederationHero of the Soviet UnionHero of UkraineVirtuti Militari

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