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Battle of Smolensk (1943): Quiz


Question 1: Wehrmacht defense lines were exceptionally well prepared (firing points reinforced by trenches, ________, minefields etc.)
Barbed wireFortificationTrench warfareBarbed tape

Question 2: Numerous rivers also passed through the area, the most important of them being the Donets Basin, Western Dvina, ________, Desna, Volost' and Ugra rivers.
Desna RiverDnieper RiverPripyat RiverSozh

Question 3: Its goal was to clear the ________ presence from the Smolensk and Bryansk regions.
Nazi GermanyAxis powersNazismAdolf Hitler

Question 4: The interaction between ________ and divisions was far from perfect.
BattalionCompany (military unit)RegimentCorps

Question 5: Third, as outlined above, the Smolensk Operation was an important "helper" for the ________, locking between 40 and 55 divisions near Smolensk and preventing their relocation to the southern front.
Prague OffensiveEastern Front (World War II)Lower Dnieper OffensiveCase Blue

Question 6: It has been estimated that as many as fifty-five German divisions were committed to counter the Smolensk Operation — divisions which would have been critical to prevent Soviet troops from crossing the ________ in the south.
Dnieper RiverSozhDesna RiverPripyat River

Question 7: Swampy areas on the Desna and Ugra rivers were mined and ________ set up on hills overlooking the city.
Medium machine gunLewis GunMachine gunHeavy machine gun

Question 8: During the first day alone Wehrmacht troops attempted 24 ________-sized counterattacks, supported by tanks, assault guns, and aviation.
RegimentDivision (military)Company (military unit)Corps

Question 9: Its most important hills reached heights over 270 meters (800 ft), allowing for improved ________ defense.
ArtilleryMilitary historyNaval warfareSiege

Question 10: By far the most important railroads for German troops were the Smolensk - Bryansk axis and the Nevel - Orsha - ________ axis, linking German western troops with troops concentrated around Oryol.
MstsislawBabruyskMogilevMahilyow Voblast

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