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Battle of Nanking: Quiz


Question 1: On November 3, the Conference finally convened in ________.

Question 2: Beginning on December 5, battles were fought at ________ and Chunhuazhen.

Question 3: Others claim that lieutenant colonel Isamu Chō, Asaka's ________, sent this order under the Prince's sign manual with the Prince's knowledge or assent.
Aide-de-campHereditary peerDistinguished Service OrderRoyal Victorian Order

Question 4: ________ ordered Tang to continue the hopeless defense at least long enough to save face by being able to assert that Nanjing had been defended before being abandoned.
Chiang Ching-kuoGeorge MarshallChiang Kai-shekJoseph Stalin

Question 5: He also had not commanded a military formation since the ________, in which he fought against Chiang Kai-shek.
Warlord eraKuomintangNorthern ExpeditionCentral Plains War

Question 6: ________
World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarPacific WarOperation Ichi-Go

Question 7: On September 21, the ________, commanded by Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni, began aerial bombardment of Nanking.
Mitsubishi Ki-15Kawasaki Ki-61Mitsubishi Ki-21Imperial Japanese Army Air Force

Question 8: Similar to what had transpired in the League of Nations conference, the western powers, including the United States, were still dominated by isolationism and ________.
Opposition to military action against IranAppeasementOpposition to the Iraq WarPeace movement

Question 9: Tang was able to muster a defense force of about 100,000 soldiers, mostly untrained conscripts, including some troops who had come from the ________ battlefield.
ShanghaiBeijingChongqingHong Kong

Question 10: Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Japanese war crimesSecond Sino-Japanese War2005 anti-Japanese demonstrationsJapanese history textbook controversies

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