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Battle of Meiktila and Mandalay: Quiz


Question 1: The area was defended by units of the 2nd Division of the ________, under Shah Nawaz Khan.
Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad HindINA trialsIndische LegionIndian National Army

Question 2: 255th Indian Tank Brigade (________ tanks)
M3 StuartM24 ChaffeeM3 LeeM4 Sherman

Question 3: In support of Fourteenth Army's offensive, the XV Corps and the American-led ________ would mount diversionary offensives on their own fronts to south and north.
Pacific WarWorld War IINorthern Combat Area CommandSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 4: Uprisings by guerilla forces and a revolt by the Japanese-sponsored ________ would contribute to the eventual Japanese defeat.
Burma National ArmyBurma CampaignForce 136Aung San

Question 5: In particular, at the ________ and Battle of Kohima, the Japanese Fifteenth Army had suffered disastrous losses, mainly due to disease and starvation.
Battle of ImphalBurma CampaignOperation U-GoBurma Campaign 1944

Question 6: Fourteenth Army was supported by 221 Group RAF, which operated ________ bombers, and Hawker Hurricane and P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bombers.
B-24 LiberatorB-25 MitchellB-29 SuperfortressT-6 Texan

Question 7:
  • ________ (motorised)
    1st Infantry Division (United Kingdom)4th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)6th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)2nd Infantry Division (United Kingdom)

Question 8: By default, the plan adopted was for an offensive into Central Burma by the ________ under Lieutenant General William Slim, to recapture Burma from the north.
Burma CampaignFourteenth Army (United Kingdom)Chindits20th Infantry Division (India)

Question 9:
  • (under army command)
    • 2nd Division (being withdrawn to ________)
      France–Vietnam relationsSino-French WarCochinchinaFrench Indochina

Question 10: The 19th Division was transferred to XXXIII Corps, which was to continue to attack towards ________.
Mandalay DivisionChanayethazan TownshipMandalayAmarapura


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