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Question 1: However, the course of the battle was reversed by the return (in response to an urgent summons from Bonaparte) of previously detached forces under the French ________ Louis Desaix.
Military rankBrigadier GeneralMajor GeneralBrigadier

Question 2: Austria, however, remained at war with France until their forces north of the Alps were defeated at the ________ on December 3 by a French army under Maj-General Jean Moreau.
Battle of Ampfing (1800)Battle of Cassano (1799)Battle of HohenlindenFrench Revolutionary Wars

Question 3: ________ and Kellermann immediately pounced on the supporting Liechtenstein Dragoons and routed them as well.
Jean-Mathieu-Philibert SérurierCaroline BonaparteNapoleonic WarsJoachim Murat

Question 4: Sardou's play La Tosca, and Puccini's opera ________ based on it, are set against the events of this time.
ToscaLa bohèmeLa fanciulla del WestManon Lescaut (Puccini)

Question 5: The French army then seized ________, Pavia and Piacenza, cutting the main Austrian supply route along the south bank of the Po River.
Corbetta, ItalyMilanItalyRome

Question 6: French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte (newly made First Consul by the ________ coup) were attacked by the Austrians under General Melas.
November 9BrumaireFrench Republican CalendarFrimaire

Question 7: The Battle of Marengo was fought on 14 June 1800 between French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte and Austrian forces near the city of ________, in Piedmont, Italy.
Novi LigureGavi (AL)Casale MonferratoAlessandria

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