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Battle of Lookout Mountain: Quiz


Question 1: The ensuing ________ (October 28–29) was one of the war's few battles fought exclusively at night.
Battle of WauhatchieJames LongstreetBattle of ChickamaugaChattanooga Campaign

Question 2: ________, wounded at Wauhatchie).
James LongstreetAlpheus S. WilliamsAbner DoubledayGeorge S. Greene

Question 3: The blackness of a total ________ screened the Confederate withdrawal.
March 2007 lunar eclipseDecember 2009 lunar eclipseLunar eclipseAugust 2007 lunar eclipse

Question 4: ________ from the XII Corps, Army of the Potomac.
Alpheus S. WilliamsWinfield Scott HancockAndrew Gregg CurtinJohn W. Geary

Question 5: After their disastrous defeat at the ________, the 40,000 men of the Union Army of the Cumberland under Maj.
Battle of PerryvilleBattle of ChickamaugaBattle of Stones RiverChattanooga Campaign

Question 6: Hardee's Corps, under Lt. Gen. ________, consisting of the divisions under Brig.
William Tecumseh ShermanWilliam J. HardeeBraxton BraggGeorge Henry Thomas

Question 7: In response, Bragg ordered Lt. Gen. ________ to force the Federals out of Lookout Valley, directly to the west of Lookout Mountain.
George MeadeEdward Porter AlexanderRobert E. LeeJames Longstreet

Question 8: ________ was being threatened by a Confederate force under Longstreet.
J. Howard McGrathAmbrose BurnsideWilliam Sprague (politician)Henry B. Anthony

Question 9: Ulysses S. Grant's Military Division of the Mississippi and the Confederate Army of Tennessee, commanded by Gen. ________.
Chattanooga CampaignBraxton BraggJames LongstreetAmerican Civil War

Question 10: ________, consisting of the divisions of Maj.
Alben W. BarkleyJohn C. BreckinridgeRichard Mentor JohnsonJohn C. Calhoun

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