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Question 1: The former First Lord of the Admiralty ________ said of the battle that Jellicoe "was the only man on either side who could have lost the war in an afternoon."[129]
Harold MacmillanMargaret ThatcherJoseph StalinWinston Churchill

Question 2:

Question 3: It was the task of the scouting forces, consisting primarily of ________ and cruisers, to find the enemy and to report this information in sufficient time, and, if possible, to deny the enemy's scouting forces the opportunity of obtaining the equivalent information.
DreadnoughtBattleshipBattlecruiserInvincible class battlecruiser

Question 4: With them were six light cruisers and thirty-one ________.
BattleshipKriegsmarineSubmarineTorpedo boat

Question 5:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Battle of Jutland?
Jiuli or Dongyi
Great Britain
|border|Kaiserliche Marine Jack High Seas Fleet of the

Question 6:
Where did Battle of Jutland take place?
Adriatic Sea, south of Lissa.
North Sea, near Denmark
Northern shores of the Adriatic Sea
Dardanelles Straits, NE Aegean Sea

Question 7:
Who was a commander in the Battle of Jutland?

Question 8:
How many casualties were there in the Battle of Jutland?
8 dead, 2 fatally wounded, 12 injured,
160 Portuguese killed, 8 of Ethiopians killed
8 destroyers
8 artillery pieces captured

Question 9: According to Scheer, the German ________ was:
Naval tacticsNaval strategyNaval warfareMilitary strategy

Question 10: [6] Most of the battleships and battlecruisers on both sides also carried ________ of various sizes, as did the lighter craft.
Naval mineTorpedoSubmarinePeople's Liberation Army


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