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Battle of Imphal: Quiz


Question 1: It had served on the Imphal front for two years and was severely understrength as a result of endemic diseases such as ________ and typhus.
BabesiosisAIDSPlasmodium falciparumMalaria

Question 2: In particular, the town of Imphal in ________ on the frontier with Burma was built up to be a substantial logistic base, with airfields, encampments and supply dumps.

Question 3: They were tasked to infiltrate through British lines and encourage units of the ________ to defect.
British RajIndian Army during World War IIIndian Army (1895–1947)Indian Army during World War I

Question 4: 17th Indian Infantry Division occupied ________, at the end of a long and precarious line of communication from Imphal.
KanpetletHtantlangFalam, BurmaTedim

Question 5: He had played a major part in several Japanese victories, ever since the ________ in 1937 and believed it was his destiny to win the decisive battle of the war for Japan.
Second Sino-Japanese WarMarco Polo Bridge IncidentMukden IncidentOperation Ichi-Go

Question 6: In south east Asia, they had held their lines over the preceding year, but the Allies were preparing several offensives from India and the Chinese province of ________ into Burma.
KunmingYunnanXishuangbanna Dai Autonomous PrefectureDiqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Question 7: Mutaguchi planned to exploit the capture of Imphal by advancing to the ________ valley.
Indus RiverBrahmaputra RiverGangesDamodar River

Question 8: The Japanese 33rd Division attacked from the south at Bishenpur, where they cut a secondary track from ________ into the plain.

Question 9: Slim was able to move the battle-hardened ________, including all its artillery and first-line transport (jeeps and mules), by air from Arakan to the Central Front.
4th Infantry Division (India)5th Infantry Division (India)Indian Army during World War II10th Indian Infantry Division

Question 10: Japanese armies attempted to destroy the Allied forces at Imphal and invade India, but were driven back into ________ with heavy losses.


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