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Question 1: While the governments of ________ and the United Kingdom conditionally recognized the new republic, the Meiji government in Tokyo did not.
CanadaItalyUnited StatesFrance

Question 2: The ________ in particular was formally established in July 1869, and incorporated many of the combatants and ships which had participated in the Battle of Hakodate.
Imperial Japanese NavyMeiji periodShōwa periodImperial Japanese Army

Question 3: In the meantime, an Imperial fleet had been rapidly constituted around the ironclad warship Kōtetsu, which had been purchased by the ________ from the United States.
Meiji periodBoshin WarGovernment of Meiji JapanMeiji Constitution

Question 4: This French involvement is part of the broader, and often disastrous, foreign activity of the French Empire under Napoleon III, and followed the ________.
February 6October 21French intervention in MexicoMay 5

Question 5: Although the modernization of Japan is generally explained as starting with the Meiji period (1868), it actually started significantly earlier from around 1853 during the final years of the Tokugawa shogunate (the ________).
Edo periodBugyōBakumatsuTokugawa Yoshinobu

Question 6: The future admiral Togo Heihachiro, hero of the 1905 ________, participated to the battle as a gunner onboard the paddle steam warship Kasuga.
Battle of Port ArthurBattle of the Yellow SeaBattle of TsushimaRusso-Japanese War

Question 7: The battle marked the end of the old feudal regime in Japan, and the end of armed resistance to the ________.
Meiji periodEdo periodBakumatsuMeiji Restoration

Question 8: It was the last stage of the ________, and occurred around Hakodate in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaidō.
BakumatsuImperial Japanese NavyBoshin WarFrance–Japan relations (19th century)

Question 9: Some of his former supporters from Satsuma, such as Saigō Takamori would revolt against this situation, leading to the ________ in 1877.
Satsuma RebellionBoshin WarSaga RebellionThe Last Samurai

Question 10: The Meiji government defeated the forces of the Shogun at the ________ and subsequently occupied the Shogun's capital at Edo.
Battle of Utsunomiya CastleBattle of Toba-FushimiBoshin WarBattle of Hakodate


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