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Question 1:
What was Battle of Grunwald a part of?
World War II and Pacific War
the Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War
the Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars
the Peninsular War

Question 2: Thus, after retaking ________ from rebellious burghers, the peace negotiations were started.

Question 3: Žalgirio mūšis (Battle of Žalgiris) by ________
RussiaLithuanian peoplePolandVilnius

Question 4:
How many casualties were there in the Battle of Grunwald?
12 Polish knights, unknown number of other Allied knights
750 dead and wounded; 100 captured nnTotal Allied casualties: 5850 men
Allied forces:
Similar to allied casualties

Question 5:
Where did Battle of Grunwald take place?
near Bolimu00F3w, Poland
Near Tuchola Forest, Poland
Between Grunwald and Stu0119bark , Poland
Cedynia, present-day Poland

Question 6: The engagement in the Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War (1409-1411) was one of the most important battles in ________, and the largest battle to involve knights.
High Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesLate Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 7:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Battle of Grunwald?

Question 8:
Who was a commander in the Battle of Grunwald?
, Jogaila , supreme commander of the allied host
Robotech Masters command triumvirate
Current Commanders
commander Tang Enbo vice commander Liu Yujian Liu Changyi

Question 9: In the 15th century present-day ________ was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
AzerbaijanSerbiaBosnia and HerzegovinaBelarus

Question 10: According to the Peace of Thorn signed in February 1411, the Order had to cede the Dobrin Land (Dobrzyń Land) to Poland, and resign their claims to ________ for the lifetime of the king.

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