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Question 1: [111] The Germans employed parachute forces in a massive airborne invasion, and launched their offensive against three main airfields of the island in Maleme, Rethymno, and ________.

Question 2: The Germans captured around 7–8,000 Commonwealth (including 2,000 Cypriots and Palestinians) and Yugoslav troops in Kalamata who had not been evacuated, while liberating many Italian prisoners from ________ camps.
ExileSlaveryHuman rightsPrisoner of war

Question 3: German forces occupied the strategically more important areas, namely ________, Thessaloniki with Central Macedonia, and several Aegean islands, including most of Crete.

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  Winston Churchill believed it was vital for the UK to take every measure possible to support Greece. On January 8, 1941, he stated that "there was no other course open to us but to make certain that we had spared no effort to help the Greeks who had shown themselves so worthy."[42]
  Australian soldiers in Alexandria, Egypt embarking for Greece (Australian War Memorial, Canberra).
  Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Blamey, commander of Australian I Corps, Lieutenant General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson, commanding general of the Commonwealth expeditionary force ('W' Force), and Major General Bernard Freyberg, commander of the New Zealand 2nd Division, in 1941 in Greece. (Australian War Memorial, Canberra)

Question 5: The German strategy was based on utilization of the ________ tactics which had proved successful during the invasions of Western Europe, and confirmed their effectiveness during the invasion of Yugoslavia.
Western Front (World War II)BlitzkriegEastern Front (World War II)World War II

Question 6: These ________ problems were aggravated by the limited availability of shipping and capacity of the Greek ports.

Question 7: The Avalon Project at ________. Retrieved 2007-09-12.
Fairfield UniversityYale Law SchoolYale UniversityQuinnipiac University

Question 8: On March 4, Dill accepted the plans for the Metaxas line, and on March 7, agreement was ratified by the ________.
Prime Minister of the United KingdomPolitics of the United KingdomCabinet of the United KingdomHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom

Question 9: The document outlined the Greek campaign under the code designation "Operation Marita", and planned for German occupation of the northern coast of the ________ by March, 1941.
Aegean SeaSamos IslandGreeceAegean civilizations

Question 10: [108] On the same day that Tsolakoglou offered his surrender, the Bulgarian Army invaded ________.
ThraciansGreeceThraceRoman Empire

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