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Battle of Germantown: Quiz


Question 1: For the Americans, it seemed their attempt to repeat their victory at the ________ was going to succeed.
Battle of TrentonNew York and New Jersey campaignBattle of the Assunpink CreekWashington's crossing of the Delaware River

Question 2: Washington and the Continental Army had suffered successive defeats at the ________ and the Battle of Paoli that left Philadelphia defenseless.
Battle of White MarshBattle of BrandywinePhiladelphia campaignBattle of Germantown

Question 3: Colonel Walcott of the ________ was mortally wounded.
Royal Northumberland FusiliersRoyal ScotsBuffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)King's Regiment (Liverpool)

Question 4: The British victory in this battle ensured that Philadelphia, the capital of the self-proclaimed ________, would remain in British hands throughout the winter of 1777–1778.
PhilippinesAlaskaLanguages of the United StatesUnited States

Question 5: Washington hoped to surprise the British and Hessian armies in much the same way he had surprised the Hessians at the ________.
New York and New Jersey campaignBattle of the Assunpink CreekBattle of TrentonWashington's crossing of the Delaware River

Question 6: (Stephen was later ________ and cashiered from military service when it was discovered he was intoxicated during the battle).
Judge Advocate General's CorpsCourt-martialDesertionMilitary justice

Question 7: These troops halted near the mouth of ________, fired a few rounds from their cannon at Knyphausen's camp before withdrawing.
PhiladelphiaSchuylkill RiverPennsylvaniaWissahickon Creek

Question 8: The Battle of Germantown, a battle in the Philadelphia campaign of the ________, was fought on October 4, 1777 at Germantown, Pennsylvania.
United StatesAmerican Revolutionary WarSaratoga campaignNew York and New Jersey campaign


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