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Question 1: RAF records show just 179 Hawker Hurricanes and 205 ________ were serviceable on 5 June 1940.
Supermarine SpitfireSupermarine Spitfire (early Merlin powered variants)Supermarine SeafireP-51 Mustang

Question 2: However, the Dutch troops in Zeeland and the colonies continued the fight while Queen Wilhelmina established a ________ in Britain.
FranceGeorgia (country)RussiaGovernment in exile

Question 3: In the winter of 1939-1940, the Belgian consul-general in ________ had anticipated the angle of advance that Von Manstein was planning.

Question 4:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Battle of France?
Germany nn* German New Guinea
9th Army Germany
Albania under Germany

Question 5: Its fundamental flaw was that it did not conform to the classic principles of the Bewegungskrieg, or "________", that had been the basis of German tactics since the 19th century.
Maneuver warfareIndustrial warfareMilitary historyMilitary strategy

Question 6:
What was Battle of France a part of?
the Scottish clan wars
Tactical Air Command
the Eastern Front of World War II
the Western Front of World War II

Question 7:
Who was a commander in the Battle of France?
Lord Fairfax
James Douglas, Lord of Douglas
Lord Gort
Maurice FitzGerald, Lord Justice of Ireland

Question 8: During the late evening of 9 May, German forces occupied ________.

Question 9: General ________, the commander of Army Group A, also disagreed with it.
Erwin RommelAlbert KesselringGünther von KlugeGerd von Rundstedt

Question 10: A rump state, ________, administered all three zones according to the terms laid out in the armistice.
Vichy FranceFrench ResistanceAxis powersThe Holocaust


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