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Battle of Cowpens: Quiz


Question 1: He then made the unconventional decision to divide his army, sending a detachment west of the ________ to raise the morale of the locals and find supplies beyond the limited amounts available around Charlotte.
Catawba RiverNorth CarolinaMorganton, North CarolinaCharlotte, North Carolina

Question 2: A company of ________ State troops under Captain Joseph Pickens (60)[26]
Georgia (U.S. state)South CarolinaNew JerseyNorth Carolina

Question 3: Along with the British defeat at the ________, Cowpens was a decisive blow to Cornwallis, who might have defeated much of the remaining resistance in South Carolina had Tarleton won at Cowpens.
Battle of CowpensBattle of CamdenBattle of Kings MountainBattle of Waxhaws

Question 4: [9] Later he participated in the epic 1775 invasion of Canada and its climactic battle, the ________.
Capture of Fort TiconderogaAmerican Revolutionary WarBattle of Quebec (1775)Siege of Fort St. Jean

Question 5: [53] Caught in a clever double envelopment that has been compared with the ________[54], many of the British surrendered.
Roman RepublicSecond Punic WarBattle of CannaeBattle of Lake Trasimene

Question 6: The final battle at the end of the 2000 film The Patriot drew its inspiration from two specific battles from the American Revolution: Cowpens and ________.
Battle of CamdenBattle of CowpensBattle of Guilford Court HouseSouthern theater of the American Revolutionary War

Question 7: The third line, on the hill, was manned by his best troops: about 550 men consisting of Continentals from ________ and Maryland, and experienced militiamen from Georgia and Virginia.
New JerseyAlabamaConnecticutDelaware

Question 8: A small company of ________ State troops under Captain Henry Connelly (number not given)[24]
South CarolinaPennsylvaniaNorth CarolinaGeorgia (U.S. state)

Question 9: A battalion of Continental infantry under Lt-Col John Eager Howard, with one company from ________, one from Virginia and three from Maryland; each with a strength of sixty men (300)[23]
ConnecticutNew JerseyDelawareAlabama

Question 10: [49] As soon as he reached the spot, he formed a battle line, which consisted of ________ on his flanks, with his two grasshopper cannon in between the British Regulars and American Loyalists.


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