Battle of Colachel: Quiz

Question 1: A direct outcome of the event at Kulachal was the takeover of the ________ trade by the state of Travancore.
Spice tradeBlack pepperSpiceGinger

Question 2: This unit was later integrated into the ________ as the 9th Battalion Madras Regiment and the 16th Battalion Madras Regiment in 1954.
Param Vir ChakraKargil WarIndian ArmyIndian Armed Forces

Question 3: With this in view the Dutch Governor wrote of Marthanda Varma asking him to end aggressions against ________ to which the Maharajah wrote back asking him not to interfere in matters that did not concern him.

Question 4: The battle began when a force of Dutch marines under the leadership of a Flemish commander, Captain ________ (also spelt D'lennoy) were sent to Travancore to secure a trading post from the Raja.
Eustachius De LannoyNagercoilKanyakumari districtKanyakumari

Question 5: The interview was closed by a scornful remark from the Maharajah that if the "superior" power should attack them "there were forests in ________ into which he and his people could retire in safety" and that he had himself been planning to invade Europe with his fishermen.
KottayamKollam districtPalaiTravancore

Question 6: When the then Maharajah of Travancore, Marthanda Varma, realised that the Rajah of Kayamkulam was involved in certain conspiracies against him, he became bent on destroying ________ and annexing the kingdom.

Question 7: Almost all the pepper that the Dutch imported into their country came from the kingdom of ________.

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