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Battle of Ciudad Juárez: Quiz


Question 1: It also seems that Villa was mostly concerned with taking care of his soldiers and his personal hatred for Navarro since it was Villista soldiers that Navarro had earlier ordered to be ________.
M16 rifleBayonetUnited StatesTrench knife

Question 2: The Battle of Ciudad Juárez took place in April and May 1911 between federal forces loyal to Porfirio Díaz and rebel forces of ________, during the Mexican Revolution.
Victoriano HuertaFrancisco I. MaderoÁlvaro ObregónVenustiano Carranza

Question 3: The fall of Ciudad Juárez to Madero, combined with Zapata's taking of Cuautla in ________, convinced President Porfirio Díaz that he could not hope to defeat the rebels.

Question 4: Pascual Orozco and Pancho Villa commanded Madero's army which besieged Ciudad Juárez, ________.
Allende, ChihuahuaChihuahuaChihuahua, ChihuahuaDelicias, Chihuahua

Question 5: As a result, Díaz agreed to the Treaty of Ciudad Juárez, resigned, and went into exile in ________, thus ending the initial stage of the Mexican Revolution.
ItalyCanadaUnited KingdomFrance

Question 6: Madero had escaped from prison in Mexico and while in ________ in United States, in November 1910, called for an uprising against Díaz.
SlaveryExileUniversal suffrageHuman rights

Question 7: Further concerned with the apparent demoralization of federal rank and file soldiers (many of whom had been forcibly ________ and actually sympathized with the revolutionaries), the troops in Ciudad Chihuahua decided to stay put.
Military serviceUnited StatesConscriptionConscientious objector


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