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Battle of Changsha (1944): Quiz


Question 1: The predicament in Hengyang helped hasten the crumbling of the ________'s cabinet.
Axis powersHideki TōjōSadao ArakiTaisei Yokusankai

Question 2: Chinese National Military Council reactivated the headquarter of the Tenth Corps at Yi-San in ________ after the defeat of Hengyang.
Pingxiang, GuangxiRongshui Miao Autonomous CountyYizhouGuangxi

Question 3: The Japanese military transferred the bulk of their troops from Japanese homeland and Manchuria as part of ________ or "Tairiku Datsu Sakusen" which roughly translates as 'Operation to Break through the Continent'.
Pacific WarWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarOperation Ichi-Go

Question 4: On 27th May, 1944, the Japanese 11th Army launched the 1944 general offensive toward ________ as scheduled.

Question 5: As such, it encompasses three separate conflicts: an invasion of the city of ________ and two invasions of Hengyang.

Question 6: Moreover, the United States Army Air Forces transferred all their bomber groups in the above Chinese air bases to their newly captured ________ in July 1944, during the battle of Hengyang.
Hagåtña, GuamSaipanNorthern Mariana IslandsAtlanta

Question 7: This was an attempt to establish a land and rail corridor from between the Japanese occupied territories of ________, Northern and Central China and Korea and those in South East Asia.
Yuan DynastyManchukuoNortheast ChinaManchuria

Question 8: One of the Japanese tactical achievement in this bloody ________ had been easily neutralized by a simple but also bloody American military maneuver in the Pacific.
World War IIOperation Ichi-GoSecond Sino-Japanese WarPacific War

Question 9: [2] Shunroku Hata decided to stay at Wuhan since 25th May 1944 until the end of the second phase of ________.
Pacific WarWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarOperation Ichi-Go

Question 10: This rendered "Tiger Xue" into a toothless tiger until the end of the ________.
World War IIPacific WarOperation Ichi-GoSecond Sino-Japanese War

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