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Battle of Cartagena de Indias: Quiz


Question 1: [9] The commercial class in Britain demanded access to the lucrative Spanish markets of the Caribbean Basin and Spanish colonists desired British-made goods so a burgeoning ________ had developed.
Underground economyPlantation economyAnarchist economicsMixed economy

Question 2: This only served to heighten the "war fever" now developing against Spain which was also driven by the desire of commercial and military domination of the ________ basin.
Atlantic OceanArctic OceanIndian OceanPacific Ocean

Question 3: [28] A greater and wider war, the ________, was now taking shape.
War of the Austrian SuccessionNine Years' WarSeven Years' WarMaria Theresa of Austria

Question 4: The war later blended into the greater conflict of the ________.
Nine Years' WarMaria Theresa of AustriaSeven Years' WarWar of the Austrian Succession

Question 5: It was not until Commodore ________, commander of one of Vernon's divisions at Cartagena, returned to Europe with ships from the Caribbean fleet, that Britain reinforced its presence in the Mediterranean.
HMS Kingston (1697)Richard LestockHMS Grafton (1709)Edward Vernon

Question 6: The failure to take Cartagena caused what was left of the naval forces assigned to Vernon to remain in the ________ longer.
North AmericaAmericasLatin AmericaCaribbean

Question 7: To much cheering, the British Prime Minister, ________, reluctantly declared war on 23 October 1739.
Henry PelhamRobert WalpoleHenry Addington, 1st Viscount SidmouthWilliam Pitt the Younger

Question 8: Under the 1729 Treaty of Seville, the British had agreed not to trade with the Spanish colonies except under extreme conditions restricted to the Annual Ship and the ________ slave trade.

Question 9: On 22 November 1739 one of the first actions of the War was the British capture of Portobelo which was part of the ________.
Gran ColombiaColombiaViceroyalty of New GranadaNew Kingdom of Granada


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