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Battle of Caporetto: Quiz


Question 1: The bloody aftermath of Caporetto was vividly described by Ernest Hemingway in his novel ________.
The Sun Also RisesThe Old Man and the SeaFor Whom the Bell TollsA Farewell to Arms

Question 2: The battle was a demonstration of the effectiveness of the use of ________ and the infiltration tactics developed in part by Oskar von Hutier.
StormtrooperWorld War IWestern Front (World War I)Trench warfare

Question 3: Austro-Hungarian and German forces advanced more than 100 km (62 mi) in the direction of ________, but they were not able to cross the Piave River.

Question 4: The use of ________ by the Germans played a key role in the collapse of the Italian Second Army.
Naval warfareChemical warfareMilitary historyBiological warfare

Question 5: [4] The Allied blockade of the German Empire, which the ________ had been unable to break, was responsible for food shortages and widespread malnutrition in Germany and allied countries.
Derfflinger class battlecruiserMoltke class battlecruiserSMS SeydlitzKaiserliche Marine

Question 6: The battle opened with a German ________ barrage, poison gas, and smoke, and was followed by an all-out assault against the Italian lines.
SiegeNaval warfareArtilleryMilitary history

Question 7: The defeat alone was not the sole cause, but rather the breaking point for an accumulation of failures, as perceived by the Italian Prime Minister, ________.
Vittorio Emanuele OrlandoBenedetto CairoliGiovanni LeoneFrancesco Crispi

Question 8: ________, who, as a junior officer, won the Pour le Mérite for his exploits in the battle, often bemoaned the demands placed upon his "poorly fed troops".
Albert KesselringRobert Ritter von GreimErwin RommelHans-Joachim Marseille

Question 9: [7] He was replaced by Armando Diaz and ________.
Amintore FanfaniBenito MussoliniPietro BadoglioAlcide De Gasperi


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