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Battle of Bun'ei: Quiz


Question 1: Battle of Kōan - the second invasion attempt by ________, in 1281.
Kublai KhanMongol EmpireMöngke KhanÖgedei Khan

Question 2: After conquering the Tsushima Island and Iki, ________'s fleet moved on to Japan proper, landing at Hakata Bay, a short distance from Kyūshū's administrative capital of Dazaifu.
Mongol EmpireKublai KhanÖgedei KhanMöngke Khan

Question 3: 100 Decisive Battles: From Ancient Times to the Present. Oxford: ________.
Oxford University PressJohn Fell (clergyman)United KingdomLondon

Question 4: The Battle of Bun'ei (文永の役 Bun'ei no eki ?), also known as the First Battle of Hakata Bay was the first attempt by the Yuan Dynasty founded by the Mongols to invade ________.
CambodiaCanadaUnited KingdomJapan


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