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Battle of Belgium: Quiz


Question 1: On 10 January 1940, in an episode known as the ________, a German Army Major Hellmuth Reinberger crash landed in a Messerschmitt Bf 108 near Mechelen-sur-Meuse.
BlitzkriegMechelen IncidentAdolf HitlerBelgium

Question 2: The First Naval Division was based at Ostend, while the 2nd and 3rd were based at Zeebrugge and ________.

Question 3: The Belgians did not regard a German invasion as inevitable and were determined that if an invasion did take place it would be effectively resisted by ________ such as Eben Emael.
Defensive wallCastleFortificationCity gate

Question 4: In Paris, the French Premier ________ denounced Leopold's surrender, and the Belgian Premire Hubert Pierlot informed the Belgian people that Leopold had taken action against the unanimous advice of the Belgian government.
Paul ReynaudPierre LavalÉdouard DaladierGaston Doumergue

Question 5: The French 7th Army, on the northern flank of the Belgian line, protected the ________GhentOstend axis and, covering the Channel ports, had advanced into Belgium and into the Netherlands with speed.

Question 6: Churchill and ________, who had taken over command from Gamelin, were still determined to break the German line and exit their forces to the south.
Philippe PétainVichy FranceFerdinand FochMaxime Weygand

Question 7: Such a suggestion was rejected as the ________ transports were too slow, and were likely to be vulnerable to Dutch and Belgian anti-aircraft artillery, even on such a small trip.
Junkers Ju 52Messerschmitt Bf 108Junkers Ju 86Junkers Ju 87

Question 8: The German Army (________) reached the Channel after five days, encircling the Allied Armies.
German Army Forces CommandBundeswehrGermanyGerman Army

Question 9: The Battle of Belgium had the first tank battle of the war, the ________.
Battle of Sedan (1940)Battle of FranceBattle of HannutBattle of Gembloux (1940)

Question 10: New lines of defence were established along the ________–Bois-le-Duc canal, joining the Meuse, Scheldt and the Albert Canal.
Limburg (Netherlands)AmsterdamMaastrichtRoermond


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