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Question 1: [1] The hostilities culminated in the Battle of Poona in October 1802 where Holkar defeated a combined army of Scindia and ________ – the Peshwa and nominal overlord of the Confederacy.
Baji Rao IIDaulat ScindiaNana SahibMaratha Empire

Question 2: [54][55] Although Scindia and Berar's army was not finished as a fighting force, several of Scindia's regular infantry ________ and artillery crews had been destroyed.
BrigadeRegimentCompany (military unit)Battalion

Question 3: [69] Of the native infantry battalions, only the 1st Battalion, 2nd Madras Infantry exists in the ________ as 1st Battalion, the Punjab Regiment.
Pakistan ArmyFrontier Force RegimentPakistan NavyPakistan Air Force

Question 4: Scindia retreated into his dominions to the north, but Baji Rao was driven from his territory and sought refuge with the ________ at Bassein.
Chartered companyDutch East India CompanyEast India CompanyFrench East India Company

Question 5: Irregular light cavalry were also provided by the Company's Mysore and ________ allies.
GoaMarathaBhandariKarhade Brahmin

Question 6: Bradshaw, John (1894), Rulers of India: Sir Thomas Munro and the British Settlement of the Madras Presidency, Oxford: ________, ISBN 8120618718,  
LondonJohn Fell (clergyman)United KingdomOxford University Press

Question 7: [50] Wellesley remained to the south while he established a hospital at Ajanta and awaited reinforcements from ________.
PuneMumbaiNagpurNavi Mumbai

Question 8: A public monument was also erected by the East India Company at Fort William, ________ to commemorate the victory.

Question 9: The ________ attacked the two principal Maratha forces of Scindia and the Raja of Berar from the north and the south.
East India CompanyFrench East India CompanyDutch East India CompanyChartered company

Question 10: They paused 50 yards (46 m) from the Maratha gunners and unleashed a volley of ________ fire before launching into a bayonet charge.
FlintlockMusketeerEarly Modern warfareMusket


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