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Battle of Ambon: Quiz


Question 1: However, at intervals for a fortnight after the surrender, IJN personnel chose more than 300 Australian and Dutch ________ at random and summarily executed them, at or near Laha airfield.
SlaveryPrisoner of warExileHuman rights

Question 2: The ________'s 1,100-strong Gull Force, commanded by Lt.
Royal Australian Air ForceAustralian ArmyAustralian Defence ForceRoyal Australian Navy

Question 3: [7] ________ Kunito Hatakeyama, who was in direct command of the massacres, was sentenced to execution by hanging.
Military rankLieutenantCommanderSergeant

Question 4: According to an ________ principal historian, Dr Peter Stanley, over the following three and a half years, the surviving POWs:
Anzac DayCanberraANZAC Parade, CanberraAustralian War Memorial

Question 5: Of an original four ________, two crashed on route to Ambon.
P-38 LightningF4F WildcatF4U CorsairBrewster Buffalo

Question 6: The force consisted of the ________'s 2/21st Infantry Battalion, as well as some divisional artillery and support units.
7th Division (Australia)9th Division (Australia)8th Division (Australia)Pacific War

Question 7: ________ Kenichi Nakagawa was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.
Second LieutenantLieutenantMilitary rankMidshipman

Question 8:
Gouden Leeuw, a ________ minelayer, left Ambon in early January, after mining approaches to the island.
Royal Netherlands ArmySubmarineNetherlands Marine CorpsRoyal Netherlands Navy

Question 9: The chaotic and sometimes bloody fighting was followed by a series of major ________.
Unit 731Second Sino-Japanese WarJapanese war crimesPacific War

Question 10: The garrison was poorly equipped and trained, partly as a result of the Netherlands having been defeated and occupied by ________.
Axis powersNazi GermanyNazismAdolf Hitler


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