Battle of Adwa: Quiz

Question 1: Following the war, Italy occupied Ethiopia for five years (1936–41), before eventually being driven out during World War II by ________ and Ethiopian patriot forces.
NauruBritish EmpireBarbadosInformal Empire

Question 2: The Battle of Adwa (also known as Adowa or sometimes by the Italian name Adua) was fought on 1 March 1896 between Ethiopia and Italy near the town of ________, Ethiopia, in Tigray.

Question 3: The two exceptions were the tiny Repubic of Liberia on the west coast of the continent and the ancient ________ in the strategic Horn of Africa.
Ethiopian EmpireTang DynastyAchaemenid EmpireBritish Empire

Question 4: The ________ was a relative newcomer to the colonial scramble for Africa.
FascismBenito MussoliniKingdom of Italy (1861–1946)Axis powers

Question 5: As a result, Italy and Ethiopia faced off in what was later to be known as the ________.
Second Italo-Abyssinian WarEthiopian National Defense ForceAddis AbabaFirst Italo-Ethiopian War

Question 6: A disputed article of the treaty made the Ethiopian Empire a ________ of the Kingdom of Italy.
FranceProtectorateBritish EmpireMorocco

Question 7: [13][17] In their flight to ________, the Italians left behind all of their artillery and 11,000 rifles, as well as most of their transport.

Question 8: [7] One brigade under General Albertone was made up of Eritrean ________ led by Italian officers.
East African Campaign (World War II)Eritrean AscariEast AfricaAskari

Question 9: He opened the meeting on a negative note, revealing to his brigadiers that provisions would be exhausted in less than five days, and suggested retreating, perhaps as far back as ________.
AsmaraNairobiAddis AbabaFreetown

Question 10: Both were impoverished and located near Ethiopia on the Horn of Africa, ________ and Somalia.

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