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Question 1: At the Tokyo Game Show, The Behemoth announced the game would definitely be making its way to ________, though were unable to say at the time if the game would be released for other formats.
Xbox Live ArcadeGames for Windows – LiveZuneXbox Live Marketplace

Question 2: At ________ 2009, the game, under its working title "Game #3", was shown to have online gameplay with up to 16 players in up to 4 teams.
Alan MooreInkpot AwardSan Diego Comic-Con InternationalEisner Award

Question 3: [2] The game has been announced for ________, with other possible formats yet to be confirmed.
Xbox Live ArcadeXbox Live MarketplaceZuneGames for Windows – Live

Question 4: BattleBlock Theater[1] is an in-development co-operative / competitive platformer video game and the third production from developer The Behemoth following ________ and Castle Crashers.
Xbox 360Alien HominidSuper Mario Bros.Xbox

Question 5: [8] Like their previous game, ________, there are plans to feature user-generated music from Newgrounds artists.
Alien HominidCastle CrashersXbox Live ArcadeXbox Live

Question 6: [3] Programmer Tom Fulp, creator of The Behemoth's origin project Newgrounds, is said to be focusing on other ________ projects rather than playing a prominent part in this game's development.
Adobe FlashNewgroundsGary BrolsmaNuma Numa


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