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Question 1: Another early producer of battery eliminators was the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation (later known as ________) which was opened on September 25, 1928 by Paul Galvin and his brother Joseph E.
Caterpillar Inc.MotorolaBoeingSears Holdings Corporation

Question 2: A battery eliminator is a device powered by an electrical source other than a battery, which then converts the source to a suitable DC ________ that may be used by a second device designed to be powered by batteries.
Electrical networkVoltageElectric currentMultimeter

Question 3: 9v mains ________, size and shape of a PP9 battery, intended to replace the battery in portable radios.
Power supplyTransformerSwitched-mode power supplyElectricity

Question 4: HT, typically 100 to 300 volts at low current to power the ________ circuitry
CathodeAnodeBattery (electricity)Galvanic cell

Question 5: While it might seem surprising to use such a device in a car to power a radio, the first car radio receivers were based on ________ technology which required two or three different voltages to function:
X-rayHot cathodeVacuum tubeDiode

Question 6: ________ providing power for a portable appliance
PhotovoltaicsSolar cellThin film solar cellPhotovoltaic module


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