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Battery (electricity): Quiz


Question 1: A particular type of wet cell known as a concentration cell is important in understanding ________.

Question 2: [28] On the other hand the high electrochemical potential changes in the reactions of ________ compounds give lithium cells emfs of 3 volts or more.

Question 3: [15] According to Faraday, cations (positively charged ions) are attracted to the cathode,[16] and ________ (negatively charged ions) are attracted to the anode.
Half cellIonLithium-ion batteryElectrolyte

Question 4: An early form of electrochemical battery called the ________ may have been used in antiquity.
GoldCopperBaghdad BatteryBattery (electricity)

Question 5: The terminal voltage of a cell that is not discharging is called its ________ (emf), and has the same unit as electrical potential, named (voltage) and measured in volts, in honor of Volta.
Electromotive forceMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetismElectric current

Question 6: [2] Meanwhile, NiMH has replaced NiCd in most applications due to its higher capacity, but NiCd remains in use in power tools, ________, and medical equipment.
Two-way radioWalkie-talkieBase stationAmateur radio

Question 7: Battery life can be extended by storing the batteries at a low temperature, as in a refrigerator or ________, which slows the chemical reactions in the battery.
AvicennaRefrigerationAir conditionerRefrigerator

Question 8: In the ________ reaction that powers the battery, reduction (addition of electrons) occurs to cations at the cathode, while oxidation (removal of electrons) occurs to anions at the anode.

Question 9: Generally, these have higher ________ than rechargeable batteries,[35] but disposable batteries do not fare well under high-drain applications with loads under 75 ohms (75 Ω).
OxygenHydrogenUraniumEnergy density

Question 10: In addition, car batteries liberate hydrogen when they are overcharged (because of ________ of the water in the electrolyte).
ElectrowinningElectrolysisHofmann voltameterElectrochemistry

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