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Question 1: Each company is commanded by a Major, the Officer Commanding (OC), with a Captain or senior ________ as Second-in-Command (2i/c).
Military rankLieutenantMidshipmanSecond Lieutenant

Question 2: A typical battalion group consists of an ________ or armoured battalion with sub-units detached from other military units acting under the direct command of the battalion commander.
InfantryMilitary historyMedieval warfareWeapon

Question 3: United States Marine Corps infantry battalions are task organized into Battalion Landing Teams (BLT's) as the ________ (GCE) of a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU).
4th Light Armored Reconnaissance BattalionAnti-Terrorism Battalion1st Marine Division (United States)Ground combat element

Question 4: In the ________ a battalion usually has a strength of 1200 to 1300 men, and is divided in companies.
Colombian National PoliceLa ViolenciaNational Army of ColombiaJoint Task Force OMEGA

Question 5: In the ________, most battalions are reserve units of between 100-200 soldiers that include an operationally ready, field-deployable component of approximately a half-company apiece.
Canadian ForcesLand Force Central AreaLand Force Western AreaCadet Instructors Cadre

Question 6: ________ (3 regular and 1 reserve battalions)
Royal 22e RégimentThe Royal Canadian RegimentPrincess Patricia's Canadian Light InfantryRoyal Winnipeg Rifles

Question 7: In this older structure, United States Army ________ battalions and tank battalions, for tactical purposes, cross-post companies to each other, forming a battalion-sized task force (TF).
Mechanized infantryBTR-152Armoured warfareArmoured personnel carrier

Question 8: The support company usually contains ________, machine gun, mortar, pioneer and reconnaissance platoons.
Anti-tank warfareAnti-tank rifleKorean WarT-34

Question 9: The HQ company contains signals, ________, catering, intelligence, administration, pay, training, operations and medical elements.
SergeantMilitary organizationQuartermasterBritish Army

Question 10: Several battalions are grouped to form a regiment or a ________.
Division (military)CorpsCompany (military unit)Brigade

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