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Bathymetry: Quiz


Question 1: Bathymetric maps (a more general term where navigational safety is not a concern) may also use a ________ and artificial illumination techniques to illustrate the depths being portrayed.
Interferometric synthetic aperture radarDigital elevation modelTopographyGeographic information system

Question 2: Originally, bathymetry referred to the measurement of ________ depth through depth sounding.
OceanNatureEarthNatural environment

Question 3: The tightly packed array of narrow individual beams provides very high ________ and accuracy.
Lens (optics)Optical telescopeAngular resolutionAiry disk

Question 4: Most surveys of navigable waterways in the United States are performed or commissioned by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, for inland waterways, and the ________ for oceans.
United States Environmental Protection AgencyNational Agricultural Statistics ServiceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationNational Weather Service

Question 5: Early techniques used pre-measured heavy ________ or cable lowered over a ship's side.
RopeFiberTextileTextile manufacturing


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