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Question 1: Some spa facilities provide bathing in various other liquids such as ________ or mud.
Hot chocolateChocolateTheobroma cacaoCocoa bean

Question 2: ________ caused by bathing solutions or other cosmetic products.

Question 3: If the meeting resulted in reconciliation, the gangs would meet upstairs for ________, cream cheese and borscht.

Question 4: running through fountains after winning the ________, or jumping through a hole cut in the ice over a lake on New Year's Eve.
2009 World Series1926 World Series2004 World SeriesWorld Series

Question 5: a place designed for bathing), but may also be done in places not specifically designed for the purpose, such as rooftops (sunbathing), a ________ or river.
LakeGreat LakesEndorheic basinVolcano

Question 6: ________), healing, rehabilitation from injury or addiction, relaxation (e.g.
Water cure (therapy)HydrotherapyCaptain R. T. ClaridgeSpa

Question 7: ________ caused by bacteria thriving in the warm water of pipes and holders, such as Legionellosis.

Question 8: A women's suit often consists of two pieces that cover the ________ and pubic region, or of one piece that resembles the combination of briefs and a tank top joined together.
BreastRectumFemale ejaculationPenis

Question 9: One town known for its baths is Bath (known during ancient Roman times as Aquae Sulis), a Roman city in ________ famous for healing hydrothermal springs.
EnglandUnited KingdomWalesScotland

Question 10: ________ from chemical, biological, nuclear or other exposure-type hazards.
PennsylvaniaMass decontaminationCarnegie Mellon UniversityHuman decontamination

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