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Question 1: The Treaty "generously" restored most of the colonies that had been lost to the British since 1795, except Ceylon, but including the ________.
Cape ColonyBritish EmpireSaint HelenaZulu Kingdom

Question 2: He proposed to abolish all ________ and sinecures; to permit private trade; to permit native subjects to own private property; to substitute the "land levies" by a regulated land tax; and the abolition of all seigneurial rights in the colonies.
Full-timeEmployee benefitLife insuranceWorkers' compensation

Question 3: [79] This reunion did not outlast the effects of the disastrous French invasion of Russia, and the ________.
Battle of LeipzigBattle of Lützen (1813)War of the Sixth CoalitionBattle of Dresden

Question 4: Though the expedition ended in failure the members of the Uitvoerend Bewind became very nervous in the days before the ________.
Battle of Bergen (1799)Battle of Krabbendam (1799)Battle of Alkmaar (1799)Anglo-Russian Invasion of Holland

Question 5: That constitution restored the central tenets of the democratic Staatsregeling of 1798, under the guise of a ________, as its author Johan Rudolf Thorbecke acknowledged.
RepublicConstitutional monarchyAbsolute monarchyDemocracy

Question 6: It was proclaimed on January 19, 1795 and ended on June 5, 1806 with the accession of ________ to the throne of the Kingdom of Holland.
Napoleon ILouis Napoléon, Prince ImperialLouis BonaparteJoseph Bonaparte

Question 7: The Stadtholder joined the ________ of countries in their attempt to subdue revolutionary France.
First CoalitionExpédition d'IrlandeHaitian RevolutionFrench Revolutionary Wars

Question 8: However most, if not all, characteristics of the current centralized state of the ________ were foreshadowed by the accomplishments of the Batavian Republic, not least the liberal 1848 Constitution.
United KingdomKingdom of the NetherlandsLuxembourgSpain

Question 9: The Republic would revert to its traditional neutrality, while Britain would occupy North Holland, and France ________.
DrentheZeelandGroningen (province)Utrecht (province)

Question 10: ________, however, held out till 1811.
JavaBaliCentral JavaIndonesia

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