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Batasuna: Quiz


Question 1: At the time of its outlawing in Spain, Batasuna lawyers took the case to the ________ (ECHR).
European Court of Human RightsInterpolCouncil of EuropeKyoto Protocol

Question 2: As a result of this pressure, for the first time since Herri Batasuna was formed, neither Batasuna nor its proxies could participate in the Basque regional parliament at the time of the ________.
Aralar PartyBasque parliamentary election, 2009Basque Nationalist PartyBasque parliamentary election, 1990

Question 3: The Spanish ruling was appealed before and, later on, confirmed by, the ________.
InterpolEuropean Court of Human RightsCouncil of EuropeKyoto Protocol

Question 4: Batasuna's ranks and support base have been represented under different names since it was first declared legal in the late 1970s with the ________ to democracy.
Spanish transition to democracySpainSpanish StateMid-19th-century Spain

Question 5: The party's main offices in Pamplona were closed by the police and further offices in San Sebastián, ________ and Vitoria-Gasteiz were targeted.
GetxoBilbaoDurango, BiscayBarakaldo

Question 6: In May 2004, a list named Herritarren Zerrenda ("Citizens' List") was presented in Spain and France to the ________.
European Parliament election, 2009European Parliament election, 1979European Parliament election, 2004European Parliament election, 1999

Question 7: Thus, Batasuna's predecessors were the original Herri Batasuna and, then, ________.
Basque Nationalist PartyBatasunaEusko AlkartasunaAralar Party

Question 8: The party could participate in those elections, but then was declared illegal by a court ruling because of ties with Batasuna, which made impossible that it could run for the upcoming ________.
Spanish regional elections, 2007United Left (Spain)SpainSpanish general election, 2008

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