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Bat Creek inscription: Quiz


Question 1: In 1967, the ________ announced plans to build Tellico Dam, and asked the University of Tennessee Department of Anthropology to conduct salvage excavations in the Little Tennessee Valley.
Tennessee Valley AuthorityWatts Bar Nuclear Generating StationFranklin D. RooseveltBrowns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant

Question 2: - 1000 A.D.), Mississippian (900-1600 A.D.), and ________ (c.
Muscogee (Creek)CherokeeChoctawCherokee history

Question 3: The mound was located at the confluence of the ________ and Bat Creek, a few miles north of modern Vonore.
Little Tennessee RiverFontana DamGreat Smoky MountainsTellico Dam

Question 4: In the early 1970s, the inscription became a source of controversy when linguist ________ argued it was actually a Paleo-Hebrew inscription, and thus provided evidence of Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact.
IraqSyriaCyrus H. GordonAramaic language

Question 5: The Little Tennessee River enters Tennessee from the ________ to the south and flows northward for just over 50 miles (80 km) before emptying into the Tennessee River near Lenoir City.
Appalachian MountainsRocky MountainsVirginiaGreat Plains

Question 6: Cross also said Gordon's reading of the inscription ("for the Jews") was based on the ________ alphabet rather than Paleo-Hebrew.
Semitic languagesAkkadian languageAramaic languageArabic language

Question 7: McCulloch pointed out that the brass bracelets found along with the stone had the same ratio of lead to zinc as bracelets manufactured throughout the ________ in the 1st century A.D.
Western Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireRoman EmpireRoman Republic

Question 8: Mainfort and Kwas consulted Paleo-Hebrew expert Frank Moore Cross of ________, who contradicted Gordon's assertion that the inscription was Paleo-Hebrew.
Brown UniversityRutgers UniversityHarvard CrimsonHarvard University

Question 9: Cyrus Thomas of the Smithsonian Institution initially cataloged the Bat Creek Stone inscription as a ________ inscription.
Muscogee (Creek)ChoctawCherokee historyCherokee

Question 10: However, ________ archaeologists and other experts reject Gordon's assertion, arguing instead that the inscription is a fraud typical of late-19th century archaeological hoaxes.
University of South CarolinaUniversity of FloridaLouisiana State UniversityUniversity of Tennessee


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