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Question 1: Very early deities such as ________ were depicted full faced also, and most who were, share identification with the wadjet eye.
WadjetEgyptian pantheonHathorMut

Question 2: The imagery of Bat as a divine cow was remarkably similar to that of ________ the parallel goddess from Lower Egypt.
IsisMutEgyptian pantheonHathor

Question 3: Bat was the deification of the cosmos and the Milky Way within Egyptian mythology during the pre-dynastic and Old Kingdom periods of ________ history.
Arabic languageEgyptian languageAfroasiatic languagesBerber languages

Question 4: The ________ was considered to be a pool of cow's milk made by Bat.
GalaxyMilky WayGalactic CenterLocal Group

Question 5: The ancient Egyptians were cattle herders dating back to Late ________ times.
Stone AgeMiddle PaleolithicPaleolithicPaleolithic religion

Question 6: By the time of the later Middle Kingdom her identity and attributes were subsumed within the goddess ________.
Egyptian pantheonMutIsisHathor

Question 7: She was a cow goddess/________, and was always depicted as having a human head with cow ears and horns.
HeraDionysusMinoan civilizationBull (mythology)

Question 8: As a representation of the cosmos she was also thought of as the essence of the human ________.


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