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Question 1: When the bush-rat’s wife returned that night to find her ________ dead, she wept and ran to the chief of the land's house telling him about what happened and what she was sure what the bat had done.

Question 2: [47] The disease is named after a white ________ found growing on the muzzles, ears, and wings of some afflicted bats, but it is not known if the fungus is the primary cause of the disease or is merely an opportunistic infection.

Question 3: It also had longer hind legs and shorter forearms, similar to climbing mammals that hang under branches such as sloths and ________.

Question 4:
What classis does Bat belong to?

Question 5: The coats of arms of certain cities in eastern ________, like Valencia, Palma de Mallorca and Fraga have the bat over the shield.

Question 6:
What kind of animal is a Bat?

Question 7: However, of the few cases of rabies reported in the ________ every year not caused by dogs, most are caused by bat bites.
CanadaUnited StatesPhilippinesAlaska

Question 8:
What phylum does Bat belong to?

Question 9: Where rabies is not endemic, as throughout most of ________, small bats can be considered harmless.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeCentral EuropeNorthern Europe

Question 10: Megabats eat fruit, nectar or pollen while most microbats eat insects; others may feed on the ________ of animals, small mammals, fish, fruit, pollen or nectar.
Red blood cellBloodPlateletBlood plasma

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