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Question 1: In a rock song in which the bassline consists of low-pitched quarter notes played on the electric bass, a bass run may consist of a rapid sequence of sixteenth notes in a higher register, or of a melodic ________ played in a higher register.
Ostinato20th-century musicBluesJazz

Question 2: A bass run may be composed by the performer or by an arranger prior to a performance, or it may be ________ onstage by the performer using scales, arpeggios, and standard licks and riffs.
ChicagoImprovisationImprovisational theatreWhose Line Is It Anyway?

Question 3: In electronic music and ________, bass lines are often performed on electronic devices such as the Roland TB-303.
House musicChicago houseTechnoAcid house

Question 4: The bass part for a bass run often differs from the usual bass accompaniment style, in terms of the register, ________, or melodic style that is used, or the number of notes per beat which are played.
ColoraturaTimbreChest voiceOpera

Question 5: Walking basslines are usually performed on the double bass or the electric bass, but they can also be performed using the low register of a piano, ________, or other instruments.
Progressive rockHammond organOrgan trioClonewheel organ

Question 6: Bass players also perform fills in between the phrases of the vocal melody, and they may also perform ________ or bass breaks, which are short solo sections.
BluesJazzBasslineBass guitar

Question 7: Though basslines may be played by many different types of instruments and in a broad musical range they are generally played on bass instruments and in the range roughly at least an ________ and a half below middle C.
OctaveSemitoneInterval (music)Fifteenth

Question 8: In solo performance basslines may simply be played in the lower register of any instrument such as ________ while melody and/or further accompaniment is provided in the middle or upper register.
GuitarClassical guitarBass guitarElectric guitar

Question 9: In the 1930s and 1940s, most popular music groups used the ________ as the bass instrument.
Double bassCelloBass guitarJazz

Question 10: In some types of popular music, such as ________ or house music, the bass lines are played using synthesizers, sequencers, or electro-acoustically modeled samples of bass lines.
Hip hop musicHip hopRappingGraffiti


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